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Board Meeting Notes

At its last meeting, the Board finalized plans for the coming convention. It is hoped that many members will attend along with the delegates chosen by each of the local Leagues.

In reviewing the budget, Board members noted that while members have been responsive to appeals, the corporate response is down, a reflection of the general economy and similar to responses other non-profit organizations are having to their monetary appeals. The proposed '93-'94 budget is the usual "bare-bones" guide for next year's activities. Budget committee members: Arlene Woo, Jim Koshi, and Evelyn Bender.

The LWVHI income has been aided by doing the vote count for Oahu 1 Credit Union. Mahalo to all who gave their time.

In-kind contributions help the League, too. The Legislature and City Council members received complimentary copies of the Facts and Issues on Leasehold printed by Kakaako Printing Company. Seethe notice on the back page. LWVHI is also sharing the national League synopsis on long term care with the Legislature with our compliments.

Nationally, a self study is being done by state leagues. The National Crossroads project is being co-chaired by the State Presidents from Pennsylvania, California and Illinois.

LWVUS published a booklet entitled Useful Facts About the 1992 Election. Many sources were used to gather facts about registration and turnout, campaign finance. gender gap, and The Year of the Woman. Sample: incumbents raised nearly eight time more, as a whole, from PACs than their challengers -- $13,649,892 to $1,732,945. If you want the booklet, write LWVUS, 1730 M Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036 or call 202/429-1965.

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