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President's Message (Evelyn Bender)
LWVHI Program
Campaign Finance Reform -- A Hot Issue
League Position on Campaign Finance
Legislative Report
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Bylaw Changes Proposed
Why Americans Hate Politics - Book Review (Anne Borgen)
Telephone Reference Unit Begins
LWVHI Proposed Budget 1993-1994
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Appreciation Extended
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Nominations Offered

The following slate is proposed for 1993-1995:


James Koshi, Ph.D.


Cira DeCastillo


Sue Irvine

Board of Directors:

Sue Thorndike
Dee Lum
Jana Chang
Patricia Card

Nominating Committee:

Chair - Jacqueline Vogt
Jean Aoki
Evelyn Bender

Submitted by the 1991-93 Nominating Committee:

Anne Lee, Chair, Carol Whitesell, Tisha Hickson, Romayne Karl, and Dee Lum.

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