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National Voter of March April 1993 explored the current status of the issue of reproductive choice. Although the article noted the January 1993 Washington Post/ABC News Poll showed 65% of those polled favored Roe v. Wade, it is clear the issue remains.

Planned Parenthood of Hawaii's September newsletter outlines the struggle and encourages supporters of choice to let representatives in Congress know they want passage of the Freedom of Choice Act. This act will restore the original protections of Roe, end costly and counterproductive state-by-state battles and create the national standard appropriate to a constitutional right. The Freedom of Choice Act is a compromise solution, but it trusts each woman to make personal and private decision in accordance with her own conscience, while it recognizes government's interest in restricting abortion after fetal viability. The act is the way to stop anti-abortion legislation from becoming law.

Make sure your representative knows that you support choice! Call or write using the address and phone information found in this issue.

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