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Convention Talk Recounted

The LWV of Hawaii State Convention was held Saturday, May 15, 1993, at the Waikiki Beach Hotel.

Ian Lind
Guest speaker Ian Lind has served as the Executive Director of Common Cause Hawaii and most recently edited an independent and nonpartisan newsletter entitled Hawai'i Monitor. In March, Lind joined the Honolulu Star-Bulletin as a featured writer. Campaign finance and ethics have long been topics of interest to Lind and to the League.

Speaker Ian Lind spoke on campaign spending limits, long a subject of concern for League. Lind reported that for 25 years Hawaii has tried to control campaign spending, but controls have not worked. He said that the law is sound, but political, managerial, and administrative problems plague the Campaign Spending Commission. The Commission is appointed by the Governor from names suggested by the parties.

Sue Irvine presiding
Lind gave the audience several examples of the laxity in campaign spending controls and finished his remarks with the suggestion that League follow the subject (monitor the work of the Commission) so that it could make recommendations for change. Specific issues raised were: monies are permitted to be raised yearly rather than per campaign as described in the statute; Commission files are kept on a different cycle than term cycles so reporting figures are at variance; and there has been a failure on the part of the Commission to adopt rules regarding loans for campaign financing, and loans are often not repaid -- Lind believes that loans should be regarded the same as contributions. He further suggests that the activities of the Campaign Spending Commission itself should be restricted ( it should keep itself to the highest standards-such as those which should be required of the candidates).

In a side vein, responding to questions from the members, Lind expressed the opinion that Political Action Committees were not "too bad" in Hawaii.

Unions, ideological groups, and corporations are among those comprising PACs in the state.

Accepting an assignment to meet the challenge is Patricia Card. All Leaguers who have an interest in this area are urged to reach Patricia (leave a message on her tape if needed: 487-8448) with your name and phone number so she can match your interest with the monitoring needs.

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