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Action Alert

Leaguers should be watching Congressional action on the balanced budget amendment. League's position on the federal deficit, announced in 1986, rejects a federal balanced budget amendment as an appropriate means for achieving deficit reduction: "The league recognizes that deficit spending is sometimes appropriate and therefore opposes a constitutionally mandated balanced budget for the federal government."

Some points to make when reaching your representatives: The problem is real but the proposed amendment would permanently put the federal budget in an inflexible straitjacket. The government's ability to stimulate the economy in times of recession, respond to national emergencies, or coordinate U.S. fiscal policy with other nations to help stabilize the global economy would be significantly limited.

Additionally, the legislation would inappropriately involve the slow-working federal courts in U.S. fiscal policy. Moreover, it would seriously undermine majority rule in Congress by requiring a three-fifths majority vote for any legislative proposal that would produce a deficit under any circumstances short of a declaration of war.

Watch developments on this amendment; put your thoughts into words, and write or call your representative.

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