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Health Care Reform Forum

Irene Coogan

This year the League of Women Voters Education Fund and the Kaiser Family Foundation sponsored a campaign for a public voice on health care reform. More than 60 sites were selected to hold these forums.

Honolulu's Health Care Reform Forum was held on Saturday, April 9, 1994 at the Mabel Smyth Auditorium. It was very successful.

Senator Daniel Akaka opened the forum with an overview of the health care problems facing the U.S. and Hawaii. He predicted that some form of health care reform will pass Congress this year.

Health Committee Chair Dr. Elizabeth Adams and Annie Kim

Representative Patsy T. Mink gave an outstanding presentation of the Democratic plans. Mr. Jared Jossem followed with an equally informative presentation of the Republican plans. A comparison of the existing and proposed plans for Hawaii Health Care was discussed by Dr. Peter Sybinsky.

These presentations were followed by reactors from interested organizations in the community and by questions from the audience.

The LWVHI members received many compliments from the audience who was pleased with the interesting and informative program.

As league members are aware, a program of this type does not just happen. It involves much preparation, long hours, and hard work. The Health Care Committee began meeting weekly in January and continued until forum time. In addition to attending meetings, members made telephone calls, met with participants, wrote letters, prepared agendas, advertisements, press releases, mailouts, flyers, etc., and arranged for distribution of publicity throughout the community.

LVW of Honolulu President-Elect Suzanne Meisenzahl and President Arlene Kim Ellis

LWVHI President Jim Koshi chats with a guest at the Health Care Reform Forum

My deep appreciation and thanks to each of the committee members and to Anne Lee who did a superb job of moderating the forum so that everything moved smoothly and on time. The committee members are: Jim Koshi, Betty Adams, Evelyn Bender Pearl Johnson, Grace Furukawa, Dee Lum, also Arlene Ellis, who was especially helpful to me, and Suzanne Meisenzahl of the Honolulu League. Suzanne designed the eye-catching flyer for us. I also want to warmly thank all league members who attended the forum and were willing to help if necessary. Especially helpful at the forum were Joyce Loo, Cira DeCastillo, Annie Kim, and Jean Aoki.

It was a pleasure working with all of you. It made my job much easier. Mahalo nui loa to all.

Joyce Wong and Grace Furukawa

Pearl Johnson

Irene Coogan

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