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President's Message

We thank everyone who has responded to our request for financial support of our league's activities. Member contributions are coming in at a slower pace than reported in the previous Leo Hana,but are no less important. If you have put off making your contribution, please help. We need your support.

Corporate contributions have started to come in and we are grateful for their consideration.

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii sponsored forum on "Health Care Reform," held on April 9,1994, was well attended with an estimated attendance of 150. Please see reports elsewhere in this issue.

I felt satisfied the committee had done well in planning the forum because I received so many complimentary remarks afterwards. I thank the committee very much for all the time and effort they put into the project.

Committee coordinator was Irene Coogan; members were Dr. Betty Adams, Evelyn Bender, Grace Furukawa, Dee Lum, Pearl Johnson, and Jim Koshi. We acknowledge the help and support of Arlene Kim Ellis and Suzanne Meisenzahl of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu.

As indicated before, there seems to be much dissatisfaction with government and with the people running local and state governments. This year we will again be electing leaders who will shape the future of our state for years to come.

Simply stated, I see two broad fronts that need to be addressed. First, we need to know what the candidates' positions are on various issues; these positions then must be given exposure so the voters will be issue oriented when going to the polls. Secondly, citizens should be able to recognize unfair campaign practices and create a climate of opinion that fosters fair campaigning. We need your ideas on how to accomplish this. Please call us with your thoughts. Call us if you are ready to get involved on the political front.

Jim Koshi

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