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Board Highlights

The state board discussed the resolution of home rule study. As noted in an earlier issue, the adoption of this item in 1991 has not led to a smooth study-to-consensus process as is the usual route for league programs. Nevertheless, the board noted the interest in continuing the study and will pursue the possibility of using past discussions, already compiled study materials, and the concurrence technique to bring a resolution to this subject.

The last issue of Leo Hana noted that the LWV of Iowa fought long and hard for home rule for cities and counties in Iowa. They believed that "local" power was slowly being eroded by the legislature and the governor. Three familiar examples were given: state placing more and more mandates on local governments without supplying the funds to carry out the mandates; passing legislation saying cities could not pass certain restrictions more stringent than state statutes; and the possible passage of an amendment that would severely restrict spending by cities and counties.

The LWVUS National Convention was held in Washington, D.C. in June. LWVHI Vice-President Cira DeCastillo and SecretaryTreasurer Sue Irvine attended; they split convention activities whenever possible in order to get the most of the busy days. The next National Voter will provide an overview of changes made by delegates with a focus on special emphasis for action on current positions.

National Program has been grouped into government, international relations, natural resources, and social policy areas. Read the coming issue and share your interest with the state board so League can match your interest and action on the many issues found in our national and state portfolios.

Voter service is being developed by Cira DeCastillo and Jim Koshi. Areas will include: National Voter Registration Day, interpretation of constitutional amendments, and voter information about the board of education candidates.

Additionally, Cira will be involved in Model United Nations activities. This program has been one of ongoing interest for League, one of the U.N.'s supporting organizations.

Members who wish to help with voter service projects should contact Jim at 946-0092.

Betty Adams noted the positive response neighbor island leagues reported after viewing the video of the April Health Forum. The full event was also shown over public access cablevision. Patricia Card continues to monitor the Campaign Spending Commission and Evelyn Bender works off-board on gun control issues.

Dale Bachman will chair the Bylaw Committee and appointed board members will join elected members on the Nominating Committee as work begins on both areas prior to state convention. Input and suggestions from all members are welcome. Call Jim (946-0092) who will put you in touch with the appropriate chair.

At its August 20 meeting, the board agreed to use health care designated funds to defray the costs of mailing to members an informational candidate response voter's guide done in conjunction with the Hawaii Women Lawyers, ACLU, and Planned Parenthood.

And again, home rule continues to be a challenge as those who want to tie it together meet those who feel that the subject is illusive and Hawai'i's unique situation precludes reaching consensus or concurrence. Since 1991 a committee has studied home rule, but has not been able to define the subject or form questions which will focus members towards an agreement. Those wanting to lead the study group are urged to step forward.

Two amendments regarding the board of education will be on the general election ballot. The first asks, "shall the board of education be appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate, and its composition determined by law?" The second asks, "Shall the board of education's powers be limited to formulating statewide educational policy, as provided by law, and appointing the superintendent of education as the chief executive officer?"

Education and action as appropriate under our positions will be part of LWVHI's activities. The state league has been asked to follow up on the POP `94 Channel 2-Advertiser election awareness project and an opportunity has occurred to resume Viewpoint programs on KHVH radio. Readers and writers are welcome to contact Jim to help with all activities.

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