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Global Warming

The July/August 1994 issue of Sierra hit on long held League positions on energy and air pollution. The article noted that scientists predict that emissions from inefficient use of polluting fossil fuels will enhance the greenhouse effect and raise the Earth's temperature three to nine degrees Fahrenheit by the middle of the next century.

Climbing temperatures affect sea levels, increase the intensity of tropical storms, cause the extinction of plant and animal species and lead to a failure of crops. The primary cause is excessive buildup of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases created by a variety of human activities: wasteful use of fossil fuels in cars, homes, offices and factories, and the destruction of forests.

"To create a clean safe energy future the United States must lead the world in advancing energy efficiency in all sectors of our energy economy, reducing subsidies for polluting fossil-fuel industries and promoting renewable resources such as wind and solar power."

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