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Politics in '94

Growing out of the ideas stimulated by the book Price of Paradise and its spin-off radio program, POP `94 is bringing voters closer to those running for elective positions than previous debates and forums have done. We applaud this effort and trust that LWV members are including this program, along with the candidates' presentations seen on Channel 24/public access, in their effort to learn more about candidates and issues.

Jerry Burns, writing in the June 5 Advertiser, asked, "Will this work to change the tone and substance of campaigning in Hawaii this year?" Member reflections through letters to the editor will be valuable.

Also growing out of the book is a non-credit course at UH Manoa taught by Robert Rees and focusing on major election issues. Those interested can get course information at 956-8400.

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin has featured POWER 94: Your Voice/ Your Vote which asks candidates for office questions that have risen from a survey posed before 1,200 randomly selected voters. Twelve reports on candidates' answers will have been featured before the primary election.

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