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Jan Tenbruggencate, environment writer for the Honolulu Adver-tiser, reported in November that there was money in recycling. Aluminum has been highly recycled for many years and now paper is catching up. The state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism recently convened a meeting to focus on developing a Statewide Recycling Strategy Implementation and Funding Plan for legislative discussion. DBEDT's The Clean Hawai'i Center will be seeking proposals for business ventures that would manufacture recycled products locally rather than having recyclable materials shipped out of state.

Environmental awareness was the focus of an ad section in the December Hawaii Business magazine. From Mokes on Spokes – a bicycle messenger service -- to Battery Exchange Hawaii -- where returned batteries are 95 percent recycled -- 14 local firms which work to protect the ecosystem were described.

Maui is moving ahead with four recycling programs. Plastics are being given a second life as picnic tables or trash receptacles, and glass is being used for roads or as filters for hotel pools. Did you know that it takes more than 2000 one-gallon milk jugs to provide enough plastic to make a picnic table? Edwin Tanji in the Sunday, January 8,1995 Advertiser, reported that fact, along with other recycling news: all efforts have cut landfill use on that island.

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