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President's Message (Jacqueline Kido)
LWV-Hawaii Hired to Conduct Wiki-Wiki Voter Registration Drive
League to Conduct Exit Polling for CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and AP
Honolulu League Contracted to Oversee Native Hawaiian Vote
Honolulu League Co-Sponsors "Candidates in Focus"
Big Island League Conducts Survey to Assess Community Concern
Contributions Appreciated
Kaua'i One of Ten in Nation to Host LHJ Town Meeting
Kaua'i League Compiles Video and Print Voter Guides
Kaua'i League Live Call-In Radio Program Big Success!
Vote! (Jacqueline Kido)
Con Con '98 -- No! (insert)

Contributions Appreciated

Mahalo to members and friends who have helped the League of Women Voters of Hawai'i with their contributions.

Jackie Kido
Eleanora Dalton
Suzanne Meisenzahl
Margaret Copi
Robin Loomis
Constance Knebel
Rebecca Laing
Duke Bainum
Grantham Resorts
Martha Ross
Opal Sloan

James Koshi
Edith Seymour
Dorothy J. Turnbull
Ann Todd
Pamela Christofell
Anne Lee
Grace Furukawa
Jenet Miller
Marion Saunders
Tess Misrasi
Anne Grabbe

Pauline Bender
Jackie Parnell
Pearl Johnson
Virginia Aste
Ruth Jams
Les Ihara, Jr.
John & Elizabeth Gavin
Astrid Monson
Marge Mulhall
Craig & Carol Whitesell

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