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Local League News - Kauai League

Kauai League is bursting with pride after receiving an award from national for the greatest membership increase in the country.

An article in the latest National Voter (see p. 19 if you missed it) lauds Membership Chair Susan Wilson and Media Chair Carol Bain for their efforts. Susan had agreed to take over the presidency this year, giving current Pies. Althea McCleery a well deserved break. Kauai League could not have thrived or even, in fact, survived, if not for Althea. Susan will be attending national convention, receiving free registration, special seating and an award for Kauai League's achievement.

With a growing membership has come a ambitious program for our annual meeting. A luncheon program is planned, with a distinguished panel discussing the past twenty years of the Kauai political scene and examining how things have progressed.

Other activities include joint sponsorship of a program for last month's Women's History Month, an appointment to the mayor's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Review Committee, and preliminary work on print and video voter guides for the coming election.

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