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League Local News - Hawaii County

The Court Monitoring Committee, under the leadership of Susan Irvine in Hilo and Jennifer Lienhart in Kona have been very busy monitoring the Family Court for spouse abuse cases as part of the League's ongoing study of Prevention of Violence. At the end of August the committee got together to discuss the results and their impressions. Everyone agreed that there were lots of questions that needed answering so it was decided to ask one of the judges to meet with the committee and explain the procedures better, particularly concerning the number of "Continued Cases." On September 22 the committee met with Judge Sandra Schutte. Kona also helped with the DVIAT conference, "A Community Response-Ho'omalu I Na Keiki" (Protecting our Children) held October 27 in Kona by doing the registration. The conference was sponsored by the Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

On September 13, 1997 the two units, Hilo and Kona met in Waimea for chapter business. At that time most of the discussion was on the Gambling Study done by Susan Dursin and assisted by Marian Wilkins.

The International Relations Chair of the Hilo unit helped in the planning for UN Day at UH Hilo on October 24. T h e Kona unit has done two vote counts this fall and is now in the process of doing one more.

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