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Meet Your Board

Jean Aoki, State League president for 1997-99, has been active in LWV since 1977, first as a member of State League's Schools Committee, then as a member of the Honolulu Board of Directors. She has served as vice-president under five presidents, and has chaired several study committees, the latest being the Con Con Committee. Jean is a retired school teacher.

Toni Worst is Vice President of LWVHI. Raised in Hana Maui, she is now a resident of Honolulu and president of the CLEAN coalition for campaign finance reform. She is also coordinating the Making Democracy Work campaign for the League. Toni helped found the Green Party in Hawaii in 1992 and made a strong bid for seat in the House of representatives.

Jackie Kido has been active in LWV since 1989 when she served as a director for Honolulu. After moving to Kauai in 1992 she became Public Information Director for Kauai Mayor JoAnn Yukimura. She was President of LWVHI from 1995-1997 and is presently Managing Editor at H&S Publishing Company.

Grace Furukawa has been a League member for over 40 years, and is now President of the Honolulu League after serving as Secretary from 1992 through 1997, and numerous other volunteer tasks. Twice a year she organizes and conducts highly successful orientation meetings for new members.

Helene Hale is a Co-President of Hawaii County LWV, heading the Hilo unit. She has been a league member since 1947 and active whenever she wasn't serving as an elected official or otherwise involved in political campaigns. In addition to serving as a Big Island Council member, she was a delegate to 1978 Con Con.

Arlene Kim Ellis served as Honolulu president from 1985-1993, and has chaired Vote Count, Budget, Transportation, Voter Service, special fund-raising events, Aloha Voter editor, and numerous other committees for Honolulu and LWVHI. At both levels, she volunteers on a daily basis at the office on South Hotel Street as receptionist, clerk and janitress.

Other Board members will be featured in the next issue.

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