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League of Women Voters of Hawaii Convention
President's Message (Jacqueline Kido)
Legislative Committee Report (Arlene Ellis)
Nominating Committee Report (Grace Furukawa)
LWV-Hawaii Proposed Budget 1997-98

President's Message

It has been my sincere privilege and honor to serve as president of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii these past two years. Together we have accomplished a great deal.

Under the capable leadership of Jean Aoki, the league undertook an extensive study on the issue of whether Hawai'i's people should hold a constitutional convention. After much research and debate, the league actively disseminated information in the community and took the position of opposing such a convention.

Thanks to co-chairs Arlene Ellis and Jean Aoki, the league was extremely active in legislative issues, ranging from supporting a number of ethics bills to campaign finance reform. The league took the position that we should not eliminate or reduce the general excise tax unless we can determine how much the state is going to lose and how the money would be replaced. We made our voice heard on a number of other legislative issues as well.

Through the work of chair Cira DeCastillo and others, the league conducted a variety of voter service projects, including contracting with the state to handle the Wiki-Wiki Drive Through Voter Registration and contracting with Voter News Service to conduct election day exit polling, the results of which were provided to network affiliates across the country.

I'd also like to recognize and thank the local leagues for all of their hard work and dedication. Under the leadership of Helene Hale and Teresa Nakama, the Big Island League spearheaded the important gambling study and conducted voter service projects. Kauai experienced the highest percentage growth of any local league in the nation, held a number of community forums, a 75th anniversary event and a variety of voter service projects made possible by the leadership of Susan Wilson and the dedication of many leaguers. Of course the Honolulu League remained as strong as ever. Under the guidance of Suzanne Meisenzahl and Astrid Monson, the Honolulu League undertook a multitude of activities. Among these was the comprehensive Domestic Violence Court Monitoring project and a number of community forums in the area.

In closing, the League of Women Voters has played an integral role in my early adulthood. For the past seven years it has guided me, challenged me, and nourished me. Women like Arlene Ellis, Astrid Monson and Jean Aoki have taught me about dedication, integrity and courage. For that I will be eternally grateful. Having gone through such an experience, I can't help but think the greatest contribution the League of Women Voters can possibly make is to teach, shape and develop the youngest of our citizens. With their lives yet to live, there can be no greater investment. Warmest aloha,

Jacqueline Kido

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