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Local League News - Hawaii County

Convention. The Hawaii County League had five delegates at the state convention in May: Sue Dursin, Marian Wilkins, Helene Hale, Jack Dolan, and Helen Yamada. In addition, Jennifer Lienhart, Kona chair of the court monitoring program, was guest.

New Officers. At the annual meeting on April 26, Helene Hale was reelected co-president of the Hilo unit. Sue Dursin and Marian Wilkins will share the co-presidency of the Kona unit because Sue is going to be absent for several months during the summer. While she is away, Marian will take her place. Marian was also elected as a state board member.

Other officers elected were Jack Dolan, treasurer; Helen Yamada, secretary; Marge Mulhall, 1st vice-president; Sue Irvine, 2nd vice-president; and Dorothy Doudna, Elizabeth Paine, and Lorraine Inouye, board members. Their terms expire in 1999. Jennifer Lienhart replaced Shirley Freeman who has moved to the mainland. Mary Francis Martin and Marjorie Alter are carryovers from 1996. Their terms expire in 1998.

Bylaw amendments. The bylaws were amended and a copy of the revisions provided to the state league. The main changes are the gender reference to "s(he)," adding an assistant secretary, and changing the annual dues payment to May 1.

Nonpartisan elections. On May 15, the Hilo unit had a discussion on the pros and cons of having a nonpartisan county election with William Bonk, con, and Dr. Rick Castberg, UHH political science chair, on the pro side. The Kona unit met May 22 to discuss the same subject.

Fund-raising. Hawaii has had a very successful fund-raising year, doing vote counts for several community organizations.

Other. Although there was no quorum for the June 25 board meeting in Hilo (even though Marian Wilkins and Mary Francis Martin came from the other side), there was a lively discussion of the Mauna Kea project and court monitoring.

Kona Unit

Gambling Study. Susan Dursin of the Kona section of the Hawaii County League was responsible for preparing the gambling study. Before she left for the summer, she sent the final draft to Honolulu for duplication and distribution.

Now, the goal is to have the county leagues reach consensus in time for the state board to review them before the fall board meeting. If we can reach a consensus, we will be able to lobby and testify before and during the 1998 legislative session. The Hawaii County League plans to have a joint meeting in September, as well as a mail-in consensus.

Alternatives to Violence. Kona has finished its family court observation. They will be helping with the registration for the Domestic Violence Interagency Team (DVIAT) Conference to be held in Kona October 27.

Governance Study. Marni Herkes is the chair of study on governance. Susan Dursin will return September 1. She hopes to bring information from Alaska on how that state established municipalities after statehood.

Nonpartisan elections. In May, the Kona unit met on the subject of nonpartisan elections. There was a very lively discussion, with former state and county legislators participating. No attempt was made to reach consensus at that time.

Other. Two vote counts are anticipated this fall. Also, plans are to coordinate our program meetings with the Hilo unit so that both units will be covering the same topics at (nearly) the same times.

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