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League Local News - Honolulu

Honolulu League is suing the City over the submission of charter amendments on the 1998 Elections ballot, counter to the explicit language in the Charter allowing this in the year succeeding the formation of the Charter Commission. It is a blatant attempt of the Mayor and Council Chair to push the Mayor's reorganization plan when they could not win Council approval to put the amendments on the ballot.

The Environment Committee chaired by Ruth Brantley developed a statement based on our National position on environmental issues, opposing Honolulu Electric Company's plan to put a series of 138KV transmission lines through the UH Manoa Campus and over the Waahila Conservation District land to meet a substation in Palolo. This statement was shared with the coalition, SPAN (Safe Power Action Network) and sent to HECO and all involved government agencies.

Our Neighborhood Board chair, Evangeline Funk, has matched up our members with their Neighborhood Boards. Now we can call on our members to testify before their boards from time to time.

We hold orientation meetings for all new and prospective members twice a year. The last was held on August 1.

A phone tree has been developed and put to good use this year, especially during the legislative session when it was necessary to call legislators to support or oppose various measures.

Planning and Zoning Committee co-chairs, Astrid Monson and Arlene Ellis, continue their work with the City Council. Most recently, we are opposing that part of the Mayor's plan that combines the Planning and Zoning departments as part of his reorganization plan. We have also been concerned with the plan to develop the historic downtown post office complex into a modern shopping mall.

Voter Service Chair Arlene Ellis set up registration in condos and retirement communities this year, and thanks to our many members who participated, it was a big success. Many members also participated in Olelo's Candidates In Focus project in which candidates were able to give a 10-minute speech on Public Access TV. This project was organized by Pearl Johnson.

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