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Vote by Mail Study

I am happy to report that the Vote By Mail study is nearly complete. I am awaiting a report from North Dakota and one more piece of information from Florida before putting the finishing touches on it.. Then, I would like to send it to two or three people on the board to read.

After I have your input and that of my committee, I will send copies to Dwayne Yoshina, Chief Elections Officer of the State of Hawaii, and Cira deCastillo, our state voter registration specialist. It will also go to the four County Elections Divisions to give them a chance to correct or add any information that may pertain to how each county carries out its elections. By then we will know how Oregon voted on the Vote By Mail initiative measure. The drive to put this measure on the ballot was spearheaded by the League of Women Voters of Oregon and done entirely with volunteers.

I would suggest that after the study is sent out to the members, each local League schedule some sort of program on the subject. It may be hard to find people knowledgeable about voting by mail, but it might pay to have a speaker to answer questions about how mail voting would work in relation to voter registration and other technical problems that each county might encounter.

If voters do decide to have a Con Con, I believe that the League should join forces with others to push for a run-off election for the Con Con delegates. People should understand that in the past, the delegates were not representative of anything like the majority of voters. For the 1978 Con Con, only 35% of registered voters participated in the election of delegates, and a few delegates won with as little as 10% of the votes in their districts. That's 10% of the 35% who voted.

Marian Wilkins
Chair Voting By Mail study committee

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