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Local League News - Hawaii County

Hawaii County League has joined with AAUW to review the governance of Hawaii County, with a joint meeting planned for February 12 to hear about various forms of governance that citizens of Hawaii County may be interested in following up on. One that is of interest is neighborhood boards. Also to be considered is the possibility of establishing towns, or two counties.

Hilo Unit

After our monitoring of the courts for domestic violence, we invited Judge Jeffrey Choi, administrative judge for district court, to our November 18 meeting to try to answer our questions. We were concerned by so many "continuations," but he did not seem to think it posed a problem. After that meeting we decided to invite Judge William Chilingsworth to our joint meeting with Kona in January 1998. One concern of the committee is that they had not received any state statistics with which to compare our data.

Projects undertaken by the Hilo unit in addition to court monitoring are gambling and United Nations' Day, Human Rights Day, and support for our Model UN. Marilyn ldemoto has represented the league on the local coordinating committee on gambling. We heard Tom Grey on December 13 at Holy Cross Church. This program has been broadcast several times over public access television both in Hilo and Kona. We also contributed money for an ad for the meeting.

Kona Unit

Susan Dursin coordinated the program with anti-gambling activist Tom Grey. Susan and Marian Wilkins met with other community leaders to organize the meeting which was held Dec. 12 at 4:30 P.M. at our new high school library at Kealakehe. Over fifty people attended, most of whom seemed to be against gambling. No reporters were there that we know of, even though the local newspaper said they would send one.

The Kona unit handled registration for the Domestic Violence Interagency Team (DVIAT) conference at the Kona Surf Hotel on October 27, sponsored by the Hawaii County Prosecutor's Office. Almost 300 people attended. This conference centered on the effects of domestic violence on children and featured many well-known speakers.

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