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Local League News - Honolulu

Honolulu has completed two large and successful vote counts: the Teamsters and Local 5. On the Planning and Zoning front, Astrid Monson reports a relatively quiet time until this past month when all planning was discarded in the attempt to build a whole new community and shopping mall at Waiawa -- and this before the Central Oahu development plan was completed. This time we were not the only folks opposing the plan-the mayor vetoed it.

On December 6, the league participated with the Coalition Against Gambling, which it joined, in a forum at the Mabel Smythe Building. It was quite successful. The coalition brought over Reverend Tom Grey, a national spokesman against gambling, and the debate with proponents followed with good press coverage.

The December planning meeting was held on the 13th. Dan Foley was the speaker and essentially gave the same talk he gave to the last state board meeting. In the business section of the meeting, it was decided that Honolulu would recommend to the state board that we publish a Voter's Guide for board of education candidates. These are the candidates most of the public tends to be confused about.

Honolulu League conducted another orientation session for new and prospective members January 10. Two new members had already contributed a substantial amount to the state league, and we expect the other four prospective attendees to join. All have abilities and enthusiasm that League can use. Two were under 30-. Amen.

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