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League Local News - Honolulu

The Honolulu League has been very busy this year - but what's new with that? Perhaps we spent more time with state issues since our state agenda was so full this year with testimony on taxes, gambling, campaign finance reform, con con, abortion and others.

Thanks to Arlene Ellis and the many local members who came out to help, our revenues from six vote counts will more than carry us for 2 years, and allow money to be set aside for con con. Following last year's National LWV Council, Arlene was asked to send the procedures on conducting vote counts to various state fund-raising chairs. She prepared an updated manual for all these requests.

Our membership at the local level remains essentially the same, with some members leaving and others joining. We conduct twice-yearly orientation meetings for new and prospective members, an effort that acquaints us with their interests and talents and allows us to direct them to activities in League that match them.

Evangeline Funk is gradually matching members with the various neighborhood boards on Oahu. In this way we hope to reach out to a larger community with our messages.

Astrid Monson, our Planning and Zoning chair, has prepared testimony on the Ewa Development Plan, the General Development Plan Guidelines, Central Oahu development, transfer of development rights from one owner to another, as well as opposing the waiving of Jack Meyer's 1. 17 million in fees.

Arlene Ellis continues to press for improving The Bus mass transit system. Again we oppose the ferry system and rail, currently being reconsidered by the City and County.

Voter Service will be in action this coming election year, with the preparation of a Voter's guide for Board of Education candidates. Other areas of activity will be the Candidates in Focus with Olelo, Voter Registration with students from the ASUH assisting and possibly debates or another Ad Watch.

Our Aloha Voter, edited by Arlene Ellis keeps our membership apprised of all our activities on a monthly basis.

Our Annual Meeting, held April 18 featured Dee Jay Mailer, of Kaiser Medical Plan and Hospitals. She was able to update the members about the current trends in managed care and related it all to our study on Health Care done in 1992-3. The members voted no new local studies

Grace Furukawa

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