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League Local News - Kauai League

Kauai has launched a long, overdue update of its General Plan (last plan was adopted in 1983). Remarkably, somewhere in the process of trying to withstand very tough economic times Kauai's citizens have found the energy and hope to plan it's future. Three members of our League hold coveted positions on the Kauai General Plan Update committee.

Earlier this year we had an excellent, very well attended Annual Planning meeting at which members chose The General Plan Update as the most important issue for emphasis in 1998. It is logical, therefore that LWV of Kauai has decided to focus most of our efforts between now and election season, on the community planning process, was worked around it.

At the annual meeting, Martin Rosen, past president and Executive Director of The Trust for Public Lands (The TPL: executive headquarters is in San Francisco) was our keynote speaker. It's quite a coupe to have secured someone of such national standing. The Trust for Public Land's story of how "citizen planners' are listened to" is inspiring. Under Rosen's executive leadership, The Trust for Public Lands has preserved nearly a million acres at a worth of over $1.3 billion, for people in 44 states and Canada.

Other topics and issues we've worked on this year have been gambling and pushing for information and good dialogue flow regarding expansion plans at Pacific Missile Range Facility (PRMF). We held a marvelous gambling consensus meeting followed later by a gambling forum. The PMRF expansion issues, which proposes considerable use of Niihau, was not as well dialogued as we would have wished. Late summer or early fall, we are sponsoring an ACLU update on what's happening in Hawaii concerning potential erosion of civil liberties, including reproductive rights.

Susan Wilson

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