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Education Committee

The Education Committee has been busy. We have met twice in the past months – in October with Superintendent LeMahieu, and in November to continue the discussion of future directions. We spent considerable time at the November session studying together the Systemic Reform Strategy Dr. LeMahieu espouses.

It was decided to complete our study of school dropout rates as soon as possible; to pay Dr. LeMahieu the courtesy of reviewing it; and to seek to present it formally to the Board of Education. We feel it is important that the facts involved be known to the Board and to the people of Hawaii. It could also, in our judgment, be useful to the new school administration to have them known and recognized – but only if that happens fairly soon. Thus our decision to move ahead.

BOE Voter Guide

Using questions for candidates suggested by the Education Committee, Pearl Johnson put together a DOE Voters Guide which was placed on our League WEB page for both the Primary and General Elections. A few hard copies were available for pick up at the League office, and Honolulu League produced some for placement in the public libraries on Oahu for reference use.

Mary Anne Raywid
Chair Education Committee

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