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League Local News - Honolulu League

Honolulu League spent most of its time on its suit against the City Charter Commission and campaign efforts to prevail on voters to vote down the charter amendments proposed by the commission. The amendments' except for one, passed however, and now League is pressing forward on the suit to clarify the intent of the Honolulu City Charter, according to Grace Furukawa, Honolulu League president.

"We continue to have serious concerns about the plan of the mayor to "streamline" the process by combining the Planning Department and the Zoning Department, "she said. "The City continues to pursue its efforts to enact an ordinance that will, in essence, eliminate large sections of the Land Use Ordinance and make it easier for landowners and developers to get the approvals and permits necessary. Unfortunately, it also reduces the amount of public participation in the process."

The rail transit issue is again raising its head and Honolulu League will be testifying on it as necessary. "Some things won't die," Furukawa laments.

Ruth Brantley, Environment Committee chair, continues to work to block HECO's 138kv line over the environmentally sensitive Waahila ridge in Manoa. Almost without exception, comments submitted on the draft Environmental Impact Statement has been in opposition to the project. She also reported on the Ala Wai Canal Watershed Improvement Project which received a grant from the Federal Government of $174,068. The project is a combined public-private model and the grant money will be distributed to the project coordinators to carry out capital improvement projects.

The Honolulu Board agreed to the purchase of a new computer for the office which will give immediate access to the office via e-mail, and also facilitate the updating of League's Web Page without going through Christine Bucar who will be moving to the mainland in the near future.

The December Membership Planning meeting will be held on December 12, 1998 at the Waioli Tea Room in Manoa.

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