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Model UN Project

The State League International Relations Committee has received a grant of $3500 from LWVHI account in the LWVUS Ed Fund for its Model United Nations Project for high school students at the UHH campus next year. The State Board had approved the use of up to $3500 of the State account by the committee at its May, 1998 Board meeting. The Hawaii County League has pledged up to $900 for the project.

Present plans call for a two-day session of the General Assembly when students representing different countries in teams of four will present resolutions on behalf of their assigned countries. Each of the four students representing a country will be assigned to different committees. They will need to present arguments to the committees and the General Assembly in favor of their resolutions and negotiate with the representatives of other countries.

This all requires intensive research by the students of the countries they will represent, besides acquiring the skills needed to write resolution, present arguments, etc.

This project is a step toward helping the students understand the role of the UN in trying to resolve the problems of the world and maintain.

Last year, Dr. Ellen Bonaparth, former Dean of UHH campus and her husband

Jim Wilkinson, former Deputy Ambassador to the UN Security Council from the United States held six sessions on the UN for interested students. We are now working with Dr. Phillip Taylor, professor of Political Science and organizer of the Model UN club on the Hilo campus. His students will be attending the Model UN project in New York, and when they return will serve as committee chairs and help guide the high school students participating in the Hilo project.

Helene Hale

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