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President's Message (Jean Aoki)
Changes to the State Excise Tax? (Astrid Monson)
Member Survey
Coordinated Community Response System to Domestic Violence (Val Kanuha)
Fairest Among Thousands (Betty Smith)
Making Democracy Work: Campaign Finance Reform (Toni Worst)
Wetlands & Agriculture: Public Interest and Public Benefits
League Local News - Hawaii County
League Local News - Kauai County
League Local News - Honolulu League
Education Committee (Mary Anne Raywid)
General Election Statistics for 1996 & 1998
Population Explosion: 6 Billion People in 1999
Scorecard on Gambling Positions
Model UN Project (Helene Hale)
State Board Actions
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State Board Actions

Decided on the month of august for League's 50th Anniversary/Fundraiser event. Brainstormed ideas for it. Jackie Parnell and Suzanne Meisenzahl will serve as co-chairs.

Agreed on the Vote-ByMail Consensus questionnaire

Grace Furukawa agreed to chair committee to plan and prepare for the State League Convention.

Decided to survey the membership on the Domestic Partnership issue – whether to support it or to take no action on it.

Decided we should advocate for a patient's bill of rights if we can find someone qualified and willing to advocate for it.

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