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Campaign Spending Commission - Fair Campaingn Practices (Jean Aoki)
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Next Millennium Conference: Ending Domestic Violence (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
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Environmental Committee

The committee recommends that the League uses "quality of life issues" as the definition of environment. This includes numerous features such as affordable housing, water quality, agriculture protection, cultural protection clean air, etc.

The Star Bulletin contacted us for comment on the Sierra Club's ranking of Hawaii in its report of environmental issues. We noted that Hawaii's ranking as 8th nationally for quality of transportation systems was "a sorry statement about the rest of the nation. We need better transportation between tourist hubs and tourist destinations. We only really have the car now.

Coalition Legislative Package

The Environmental Hawaiian Coalition will be meeting again to consider legislative issues. No date has been set for its next meeting.

Sierra Club will be introducing a package of 12 bills this coming session. The committee will review the bills to see if any of them fit the LWV policies and whether we'd want to support them during session.

HTA & Environment

Hawaii Tourism Authority's draft strategic plan includes a measure that proposes changing agricultural land for tourism development. An HTA action to support this measure would appear to be outside of the HTA's authority, and someone should consider stepping forward to get declaratory relief in court to prevent HTA from acting beyond its authority should it lobby or otherwise act on this strategy measure. HTA was established to market Hawaii as a tourist destination, not to change land use policies.

The Hawaii Convention and Visitor's Bureau included a special supplement in the August issue of Sunset magazine, marketing Hawaii with environment and culture being the feature reasons to visit. However, the State is putting money into marketing Hawaii as a tourist destination using these resources as a draw, but at the same time cutting funding for the management, preservation or protection of these same resources.

Maile M. Bay

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