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Latest Edition of LWVUS Pub "Choosing the President"
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Bills to Create a Safer Hawaii
Next Millennium Conference: Ending Domestic Violence (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
Campaign Finance Reform (Laure Dillon)

Latest Edition of LWVUS Pub "Choosing the President"

"Voting is the great equalizer in American society. No matter how much money you have or who your friends are or whether or not you contributed to a particular candidate, you have one vote – the same as everybody else. "

This quote from Choosing the President – A Citizen's Guide to the 2000 Election. According to the League flyer, it is a comprehensive guide to the presidential selection process in the most reader-friendly edition to date.

It begins by discussing the ongoing efforts to oven up the process to every American citizen. It discusses strategies of candidates who run for the presidency and the role of the parties and other 'Behind-the-Scenes Powers." It analyzes the role of the media in getting information to voters, and offers tips on finding the best election coverage. It talks about the costs of running presidential election campaigns. Current campaign finance laws are explained and the ways these laws are circumvented. The way political parties select their presidential nominee through caucuses, primaries and the national conventions and the problems associated with this process are made clear. The book ends with an explanation of how the "Electoral Colleges" works and the pros and cons of electing our president through this system as opposed to the direct popular vote.

This would be a great gift for teenagers approaching voting age as well as other young voters.

The soft edition will retail for $12.95 in bookstores in November. You may order it from the League of Women Voters (national) for $10.00 plus shipping cost. Call the League office 531-7448 for more information.

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