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Local League News - Hawaii County

The Big Island League held a joint unity meeting at Waimea's Thelma Parker Library on January 30th. Our guest speaker was Norman Hayashi who is the county planner in charge of revising our General Plan.

The County of Hawaii is convening its Charter Review Commission, and Hawaii County League recommended three League members for selection. Two of them, Marnie Herkes and Susan Irvine were selected to be on the Commission. Our League will be monitoring both the Charter Review Commission and the revisions of the General Plan.

After Dot Bobilin's urgent call to me earlier this week, I contacted Earl Kernahan and left a call for Henry Shimokura to try to get our anti-gambling coalition revitalized. Henry wants Gail Laros, a League Board member in Kona to co-chair the coalition.

I did make some calls to local legislators, mainly on the Kona side, to ask them to vote "no" on some of the House bills relating to game cock testing.

Marian W. Wilkins
Co-Chair Hawaii County League

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