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Local League News - Kauai County


The 1999 New Year got off to a great start for the Kauai chapter with a January 18th Hawaii Clean Elections workshop on campaign finance reform held at the Lihue Public Library. Presenter, Toni Worst, President of the HI CLEAN coalition, provided an overview of the issue and answered questions from fifteen participants who attended the 3-hour workshop. Most valuable was the description of large sums of money and public resources lost forever to powerful corporate and other special interests that will continue unless reform occurs.

On the topic of domestic partnership, an informal telephone membership survey was conducted on Kauai due to the low number of written responses that were received. About 50% of the membership provided input (was reached by phone or returned calls). Kauai League membership is in favor of taking action in favor of recognizing domestic partnerships. (See article on .)

We have tentatively set the date of April 10, 1999 for our Annual Meeting to be held at the Kauai Coconut Beach Resort from 10:30am to 1:30pm

Carol Bain
Vice President LWV/Kauai

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