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Millennium Young People's Conference

Host Families Needed to House Delegates

The Millennium Young People's Congress to be held in Hawaii October 21-29, 1999, will bring together 1,000 youths, ages 15-18 years old from every country on earth as a climax to a global education program to improve the quality of life on our planet. The Congress is not an isolated event but part of a continuum of activities that will develop international youth leaders, according to program material we have received.

Two youth delegates from every country will meet with adult mentors and United Nations dignitaries to determine key priorities for sustaining and improving life in the third Millennium.

Four hundred host families on Oahu are needed to provide lodging, some transportation to a central pickup and drop-off points in their neighborhoods, and food for at least two delegates. Call Marika McCauley at Hawaii Community Services Council, 539-3509, if you would like to participate in this homestay program.

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