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President's Message
Vote by Mail Study
State League Convention
High Cost of the Initiative Process
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Local League News - Hawaii County (Marian Wilkins)
Local League News - Honolulu (Grace Furukawa)
Local League News - Kauai County (Carol Bain)
Council '99
Membership Survey on Domestic Partnerships
Education Committee Report (Mary Anne Raywid)
Education Bills
League Office Now Wired
Millennium Young People's Conference
PLCO-Hawaii Still Recruiting
Proposed LWV Budget FY 1999-2000

League Office Now Wired

Room 314 at 49 South Hotel Street has new equipment: a spanking new iMac and a connection to the world! You can now send e-mail directly to the office. Our e-mail address is: Even better, you can send files that should be at the League as well as on your own computer such as minutes, committee reports, financial data, data base files, etc. We have installed Office 98 so Excel and Word files can be transmitted seamlessly (just "attach" or "enclose," depending on your software). Our Web Site address is still

We are building up the address book so we can instantly notify members of something important. If we don't have your e-mail address, please send us a message.

Web Page

The Hawaii LWV Web Page is up and running. Please visit it at and send us your comments and suggestions on how to improve it.

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