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Summer 2001
Two New League Studies
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Kaua'i LWV Annual Election

Two New League Studies

KLWV Jumps into Action

One of the things the League of Women Voters does best is research topics that have direct impact on government decision-making and citizen's lives. This year, Kaua'i League has defined two topics, both of which will need much the support from members in order to complete them during the next year.

STUDY #1 -- A Study of the Kaua'i County Beach Parks and the budget that maintains them.

Our beach parks are one of this County's best attractions and resources, and a careful study is deserved. Initial work will establish assessment standards, to compare all 12 County parks.

Althea McCleery, Beach Study chair, said, "The committee will devise a basic park assessment and evaluation form then LWV members from different parks of the island could do their own park and even invite other community members to join in." The League, as an independent organization, can provide valuable planning information for decision makers to act upon once this study is complete.

Many issues will surface during the study, including improvements, water safety, signage, maintenance, fishing and gathering rights, crime and other statistics.

Participants include - Beryl Blaich, Martin Rice, Barbara Robeson, Monroe Richmond, Edee Seymour, Carol White.

Join us for a noon brown-bag picnic discussion on standards Wednesday, June 27, Lydgate Park, at a small pavilion near Kamalani playground. More volunteers will be needed, as we aim to visit and assess each park during the next year. If you care about our parks, please come and join this worthwhile study. Beach Study Contact: Althea McCleery- Phone 822-5918 or email: rmickeyandal@aol.com

STUDY #2 --A Study monitoring the process of the revision of the Kaua'i County Comprehensive Ordinance (CZO) as recommended in the Kaua'i General Plan Update.

Over a two-year period, a Citizens Advisory Committee worked diligently to complete an update of the Kaua' i General Plan. Many of the CAC recommendations were to amend the CZO. These comprehensive zoning ordinances are primary land use regulatory laws for our county, so the actual form and character of the island is dependant on precise wording.

The Kaua'i League has a position to uphold the integrity of the General Plan as a comprehensive land-use policy document whose intent should not be bypassed with use of a special-use interest permit process. Clearly, the changing of our comprehensive zoning ordinances also should not be used to bypass the integrity of the General Plan and a study of the process is in keeping with League purview.

The CZO Study Committee, chaired by Beryle Blaich includes Barbara Robeson, and Lewella Zablan. League members interested in land use are welcome to participate. Chair Blaich can be reached at 828-1438 or email: blaich@aloha.net

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