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Fall 2005
County District Elections - Has the Time Come?
Open Records - Key to KIUC Accountability (Carol Bain)
Kaua'i League Joins State-Wide Coalition for Good Government

Open Records – Key to KIUC Accountability

Watchdog Effort Continues

No one has to remind League members and others who support open government that open records laws, known as the Uniform Information Practices Act, allows citizens access to information needed to make decisions. Our electric cooperative does not have to be a government agency to follow sunshine laws, and should be encouraged to adopt and comply with open records laws.

The situation will not get better unless KIUC members, and that means League members too, start speaking out, writing to KIUC & media, attending their public meetings, and pushing for good government compliance. Call League president, Carol Bain, 246-2111.

Carol Bain
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