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2006 LWV Voter Guide

For the General Election

A free, non-partisan 2006 General Election Voter Guide published by the Honolulu Advertiser and coordinated by The League of Women Voters of Hawai`i (LWV) – Kaua`i Chapter. All candidates are invited to participate and will receive a questionnaire by certified U.S. mail.

On October 27th, this LWV Voter Guide will be sent to 30,800 mailing addresses in this county as in insert in the Kaua’i Island News weekly. A 250 overrun will allow Kaua`i League to distribute extra copies. This Voter Guide will be a free and useful resource for voters the last two weeks before the Nov. 7 General election.

This LWV Voter Guide will include basic voting information and candidate information comprised of candidate-provided photo, biographical paragraph, and answers to questions as space permits. Candidates will be able to purchase ads in this guide; the revenue will pay the costs of publication. Candidates need not purchase an ad to be included, but all must submit their information before the Sept. 30 publication deadline.

The Kauai County Charter Review Commission has been formally invited to publish all proposed amendments, at County expense, that will appear on the ballot in this Voter Guide. If so, voters would benefit by having a single resource to prepare before the Nov. 7 election day.

League members are asked to assist with the questionnaire mailings on two dates: September 18 and 25. Come to the YWCA in Lihue at 10 am both dates. Call Linda Harmon, voter education chair 335-2737 if you have questions. See you there!

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