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LWV-Hawaii Legislative Testimony

HR 105

Establishing Policies for the
Legislative Broadcast Program...

Establishing Policies for the Legislative Broadcast Program's Cablecast of Proceedings of the House of Representatives

House Committee on Legislative Management (LMG) - chair: Magaoay, vice chair: Tokioka

Thursday, March 27, 2008, 2:00 P.M. Conference Room 423

Testifier: Jean Aoki, Legislative Team member, LWV of Hawaii

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The League of Women Voters of Hawaii strongly supports HR 105 which would make some changes in the policies of the House in the selection of legislative procedures to cablecast on the community television stations.

We find great value in the airing of legislative proceedings. As I sit in the hearing rooms, I learn so much about issues I know little about and yet are important to small and large segments of our population, but not everyone can sit for hours in the hearings rooms and chambers. Airing the proceedings gives the people front row seats in their own homes.

Because funding is not available for complete coverage, the selection of the proceedings to be aired is all-important and should be made with both the importance of the issues and the level of public interest in mind. A Committee assembled by 'Olelo to help evaluate their two-year pilot program cablecasting the legislative proceedings reached consensus that “ Diversity of issues covered is not as important as is the coverage of those issues generating the greatest controversy, those involving the appropriation of significant funds, and those impacting the largest number of people.”

Having the director of the Access Room ,who in administering the facility keeps abreast of the issues before the Legislature, make the selection is a prudent choice which we whole-heartedly support.

Another way of increasing viewership would be negotiating set airing times with 'Olelo and inclusion in the Television Program Guides provided by our newspapers, even in general terms. Thank you for this opportunity to support HR 105.


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