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  Legislative Testimony

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LWV-Hawaii Legislative Testimony

SB 31 (SSCR490)

Relating to
Campaign Spending

House Committee on Judiciary (JUD) - chair: Karl Rhoads, vice chair: Sharon E. Har

Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 2:00 P..M.., Room 325

Testifier: Wynnie Hee, LWV of Hawaii Legislative Committee Member

Click here to view SB31

Chair Rhoads, Vice Chair Har, and Members of the Committee on Judiciary:

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii supports SB 31 (SSCR490) which: “Separates noncandidate committee contributions that are required to be disclosed and filed in preliminary, final, and supplemental noncandidate committee reports into contributions received and contributions made. Amends the January deadline for filing supplemental noncandidate committee reports.”

Today, “money talks” is no longer a metaphor, and free speech means even corporate persons have the right to spend “whatever it takes” -- however many millions or billions -- to influence outcomes of elections and the laws of our land.

Until the Citizens United Supreme Court decision is overturned, we humans need whatever laws it takes to increase transparency of campaign contributions and expenditures. We ask that you allow us to see the faces behind the voices which, during election time, will saturate the media and specifically target the undecided “low-information voters” (as they are called by campaign strategists).

We urge you to PASS this bill. Thank you for the opportunity to submit testimony.


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