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  Legislative Testimony

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LWV-Hawaii Legislative Testimony

SB 68, SD1

Relating to

House Committee on Judiciary (JUD) - chair: Karl Rhoads, vice chair: Sharon E. Har

Friday, March 22, 2013, 9:30 A.M.. Conference Room 016

Testifier: Jean Aoki, Legislative Committee, LWV of Hawaii

Click here to view SB68, SD1

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii supports SB 68, SD1.

SECTION 1 of this bill makes a strong case for eliminating mandatory sentencing for drug users. League would like to eliminate mandatory sentencing, leaving judges to decide on the severity of punishments, we strongly agree with the case laid out by this bill for giving judges the discretion for determining the sentences to be given.

In the sentencing of drug users, for example, the terms, low years or less in the case of those convicted of class B felony, and the terms, 5 years or less for those convicted of class C felonies make a lot of sense. The money that we would be spending for long mandatory sentences could be better spent on rehabilitating them, and equipping them with skills that may help them find meaningful work when they leave the prisons.

Thank you for considering such a bill, and thank you for the opportunity to testify on this SB 68, SD


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