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Press Release / Press Conference -- September 19, 1991
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Urgent! Help Needed for Vote Count
Pro-Choice Rally
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Urgent! Help Needed for Vote Count

Saturday, October 26 is the target date for the Teamsters Vote Count.

We must have at, least 30 people to tally the anticipated 3500 to 4000 ballots. To date, only 10 Leaguers have signed up. We urge you to call the office (Ph. 531-7448) and sign up today. With 10 people, we will have to work into the night. With 30 persons, we may well complete the tally before the scheduled 4:30pm.

Saturday, October 26
8:30 - 4:30 pm
Kapalama School Cafetorium
1601 N. School Street

Coffee and rolls will be provided in the morning as well as lunch at noon.

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