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Voter Service

Mark noon, May 27 on your calendar for the first organizational meeting of the Voter Service Committee. This Committee is open to all members who have any interest at all on the following:

  1. Voter Registration

  2. Voter's Guide - BOE

  3. Debates

  4. Candidates in Focus

This year we are going to attempt an enormous task under Voter Registration. We have identified 30 Condominiums/ Townhouses in which one or more League members reside. We will try to gain access to these multi-residential buildings through the Board of Directors, and set up voter registration tables as well as visit those who are "house-bound". The goal is to have a League coordinator on each site assisted by High School and University students. We will run through the logistics of these events at this meeting.

Putting a Voter's Guide is another enormous task. Initial meetings must be set up with possible contributors toward printing, publishing and distribution of the Guides. At this initial meeting, we will need to enumerate the separate tasks and assign coordinators to get them done.

Debates are an important part of our election year activities. We would like to hear from those members who have participated in putting debates together in the past, as well as those of you who would like to be part of these events.

Candidates in Focus is sponsored by Olelo, and previous participants in this effort have enjoyed the sessions. If you have a morning or afternoon free, this may be the activity in which you may want to participate.

As an initial meeting, we will be touching on each of the four types of activities. We anticipate that many of you will be interested in more than one activity, and we welcome that. We urge you to try to attend this first meeting, even if for only a part of it. Other meetings will be scheduled for each category as we get closer to the Primary Election.

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