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LWV of Honolulu Ed Fund Seeks Nominees

The LWV-Honolulu Education Fund board will be choosing a recipient for the $5,000 Donald & Astrid Monson award for the third year. In accordance with the terms of Astrid’s will, the board is looking for an organization or individual who has “made the year’s outstanding contribution toward or involving public interest planning, housing or environmental issues.”

The first recipient was Jeff Mikulina when he headed the Sierra Club. The second was Donna Wong, Executive Director of Hawaii’s Thousand Friends.

To propose an individual or organization, please send the name along with reasons for the choice to the Honolulu Ed Fund by email (voters@lwv-hawaii.com), phone (531-7448) or postal mail (49 S, Hotel St, rm 314, Honolulu HI 96813) by August 31, 2010.

Robin Loomis
President, Ed Fund

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