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The Voter Service committee has agreed to co-sponsor with Hawaii Public Radio a series of candidate forums (2 in September and 2 in October) to air live during after-work drive times. The format will include questions to candidates from an audience of 60 to 80 persons. Leaguers interested in participating can join us at the next Voter Service committee meeting at 11 am in the League office on Tuesday, July 13, and other meetings which will be announced later.

One of the programs will be a forum for all viable candidates for the office of Mayor of Honolulu. LWV rules for "viability" include eligibility to hold the office of Mayor under applicable laws; qualified to be on the ballot; maintains a campaign committee; has established campaign headquarters; is covered by the media as a recognized candidate; and results of a non-partisan poll to show evidence of at least 15% support by July 31st. The deadline for filing is July 20- The Committee also agreed on the possibility of having a preprimary Forum for an open Council seat without an incumbent.

In our continuing efforts to encourage the citizenry to use their voting rights, we are planning to participate in other events to register eligible citizens to vote. We encourage all interested Leaguers to join the Voter Service committee and get involved.

Certification of registrars for this election year has been held in the League office over the last several months with a goodly number of Leaguers now certified. For those members who could not attend the previous weekday meetings, the city clerk will make available to us, one or two Saturday morning sessions, so any member interested can call the office and leave your name, phone numbers and available dates. The deadline for certification is August for the primary election and October 4 for the general.

The League has been asked, and we have agreed, to join in a public-private partnership with the office of the city clerk in "2004 Voter Outreach Campaign". Some of the activities we are considering are: (1) Votemobile vans for voter information, registration, and voting machine demonstration/training for absentee and election day voting, (2) voter registration and absentee voting rallies at college/university campuses and (3) educational posters for buses.

Arlene Ellis

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