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Voters Service - Annual Report

The Voters Service Committee laid out its work for 1960 elections in May and plans were made for concentrated voter service work before the Primary elections in October.

At the June membership meeting a skit, "How the President of the U. S. is Elected," was prepared and presented by members of the Voter Service Committee. Information on State party nominations and elections to the National Conventions were prepared for Unit meetings.

The pamphlet, Can You Vote?, published first in 1956 was brought up to date and 10,000 copies were published and widely distributed.

A Know Your Candidates leaflet was prepared on City-County and Congressional candidates. These were purchased by thirteen local companies and distributed to their employees. This proved to be very popular.

At the request of the Armed Forces Java Club, Voters Service prepared and conducted three Sunday Coffee Hours on our National issues and platforms.

A series of talks to church groups and schools on City-County and Congressional candidates were also given by Voters Service members.

At the request of the director of This Is Your Opinion, K.G.U., the Voters Service chairman gave information on candidates from the leaflet, Know Your Candidates and on voting from Can You Vote?.

Material for absentee voters was sent to the District of Columbia Voters

Service, Washington D. C. and to the 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, California.

Blanche W. Smith
Voters Service Chairman

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