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President's Message (Sue Irvine)
League First (Mary Anne Raywid)
League Leaves HI-Clean
Citizen Rights Top Priority List (Jean Aoki)
West Hawaii Activities (Marni Herkes)
Judicial Independence Forum Praised (Jean Aoki, Jaurene Judy & Jackie Parnell)
HCALG Update (Grace Furukawa)
Lunch 'n' Learn the Law
What's Wrong with this Picture? (Carol Bain & Jaurene Judy)
Letter from the Editor (Shannon Wood)
Catchy Slogan for the Next Election Campaign

Lunch 'n' Learn the Law

Lunch 'n' Learn the Law is a series of free informational seminars-sponsored by the Hawaii State Judiciary - about specific areas of the law and the courts. Volunteer presenters are judges, attorneys, and other subjectmatter experts. These "bring-your own-lunch" sessions are held monthly from January to November in the Supreme Court Courtroom, on the second floor of Ali'iolani Hale, 417 South King Street, located behind the King Kamehameha statue. Each session begins at 12:00 noon and lasts for approximately one hour.

Topics and dates

January 26 - Protective Orders & Temporary Restraining Orders
February 16 - Small Claims
March 23 - Landlord/Tenant Law

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