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Foreign Policy

This resource committee is hopeful that the background has been established for the Red China study, The purpose of the March and April units was to help us establish an "understanding of U.S. - Mainland China relations by providing historical perspective." The summer months will provide us all with an opportunity to do additional reading and listening so that we may continue on to an evaluation of our interests, policies, and policy alternatives with Mainland China in the next unit study.

Light Summer Reading with China Background

I Saw Red China - Lisa Hobbs

Venture Into Darkness- Alice Tisdale Hobart

A Single Pebble - John Hershey

Red Star Over China - Edgar Snow

The Good Earth - Pearl Buck



The League support position on economic aid is part of the 1966-68 Foreign Policy Current Agenda item: "Support of U.S. policies... to promote world trade and development, while maintaining a sound U.S. economy." Relevant aspects of the League position include;

Support of sound and adequate development assistance programs, i.e. programs which are long-range, adequately financed, effectively coordinated, and which emphasize cooperative efforts by developed countries, and maximum self-help by developing countries.

Encouragement of private investment in the less developed countries as an important component of U.S. development assistance programs.

Maintenance of a sound, dynamic U.S. economy as essential to world development.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are beginning their hearings. All indications are that it will be another year of rough sledding for the foreign aid bill. Now is the time for interested members to write to their representatives and senators expressing their interest and concern.

Virginia Bogard

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