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President's Notes

The coming League year is one I feel certain you will each be proud of and stimulated by. I hope the summer hiatus has been a happy time and that you will return invigorated and ready for action.

There are a number of things I want to bring to your attention:

SEPTEMBER CALENDAR—Please support our finance drive and encourage new members by bringing your friends to the Island Federal sponsored luncheon on 12 Sept. Mr. Chaplin is a foremost member of the most forward looking portion of our community--those individuals who think to Year 2000 and beyond. Don't miss this opportunity to ask those difficult questions about nagging future issues that we all ponder.

This luncheon program is designed to stimulate the discussion about the future of the League and the community that will continue at the Sept. units on the 23-27. Board members will be discussion leaders, and also serve as mobile complaint units for suggestions from you.

FINANCE--This summer 180 finance letters have been sent, and follow-ups are underway. If you have suggestions for contributors please contact me or Edna Shoup at 239-9874.

A CITIZN'S GUIDE TO PLANNING—UNDERSTANDING THE SYSTEM--At long last you will receive this month a copy of the Honolulu glide to citizen involvement in planning. Deepest gratitude to Adeline Schutz and Don Bremner of the American Institute of Planners for a nightmare of hard work. I'm sure you will agree this is the most professional and useful publication the Honolulu -League has produced. Price to non-members will be 500. Give them as gifts to all those friends and foes you've heard complaining about planning and zoning issues. (That should blanket .the island and make it a sell-out).

UNIT AUTONOMY--Throughout last year we experimented with units taking off on their own to work with regional problems, and there will be an intense continuation of this effort this year. Every item shown on the annual calendar is optional for the units--if there is something more pressing or interesting that they wish to plan they need only indicate what and when. Under broadened criteria for planning and zoning decisions which will be discussed in depth at the October units there will be greatly expanded opportunities for units to act on issues as they arise.

AN INVITATION--Please note board meeting dates and try to attend at least one this year. They are always open to members; the Board would like a chance to meet all members. AAUW Clubhouse at times indicated on calendar. Please come.

Diane Hastert

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