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League to Launch Nation-Wide Membership Drive (Mary Ellen Reed)
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Where have all the members gone? In 1972, National League membership was 155,000, but by 1981 had fallen to 114,000. There are probably several reasons why this has happened, but instead of dwelling on what has already happened, we are going to devote our energy on revitalizing the League.


THE GOAL: To produce by December 1982, a 10% increase in membership.

Honolulu membership is now 238, and a 10% increase would mean that we need 24 new members. I feel that if we try hard and each one of us introduces the League to even one friend, we can achieve our goal. One League on the mainland doubled its membership in one year.

THE THEME: Action!

The League is an organization that takes action! THE SLOGAN: Action Packed Politics!

The closing tagline for all campaign material will be "Take action. Join the League of Women Voters today."

We are planning our "Kick-off" with a "Meet the Candidates" event in September. We will be using posters, flyers, public service radio spots and articles in the press media to press our campaign.

THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE NEEDS HELP WITH THIS CAMPAIGN. Since this is a one shot effort, we're hoping some of our less active members will want to get involved. We like having you as involved members and we appreciate your support. We will be eagerly awaiting your call.

Mary Ellen Reed
Membership Chairman
Phone 488-3865

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