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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
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President's Message

January 1991 saw a coalition of public interest groups work together to produce a "Town Meeting" where citizens questioned our Council members on their views of the issues that concerned us; the formation of citizen's group called "Waikiki Vision 2020" to formulate concepts for the master planning of Waikiki and an initiative forum to give a better understanding of the initiative process, especially in land use.

Throughout the year, League invited speakers from a wide spectrum of experiences to share their thoughts on the City Charter revisions and conflict of interest in the City Council. League monitored all the Charter Commission meetings and gave testimony on issues involving planning, term limitations and conflict of interest.

League was prominently involved in the Council's placing a moratorium on building in Waikiki while the city and the private Vision 2020 group worked toward a master plan for the development of Waikiki; in the formation of a comprehensive golf course policy for Oahu; in stopping the Kipapa Ridge development in Central Oahu; in the battle to place land use initiative on the State legislature's floor for a vote; and in the effort to stop rail transit for Honolulu. We were involved in many other issues too numerous to cite. We lost all the major battles, but got the Waikiki moratorium, kept Kipapa Ridge out of Central Oahu and got a weak golf course Bill, but the war is still on and we will continue to fight.

On September 19, the League of Women Voters of Honolulu together with the Neighbors of Ala Wai, American Lung Association, Life of the Land, Hawaii's Thousand Friends and individual's personally impacted by the project, sued the City and First Development Company for the reversal of the approval given for the Aloha Motors Convention Center project. We allege that the process used by the City Council was illegal and that environmental impacts were not fully considered.

We have not asked for financial help from our membership to wage this suit, but we do so now. Checks should be made out to "Life of the Land" who is our tax-deductible entity, and mailed to: LWV-Honolulu, 49 S. Hotel St., Rm. 314, Honolulu, HI 96813.

We need all the help we can get. Be generous!

Arlene Ellis

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